Walters Workshops

Walters Workshops is a Victorian warehouse building located in London, W10. Comprising approx. 30+ units. The space is a creative oasis for artisan workshops and music recording studios - Adele's smash hit 'Rolling in the Deep' was first demo recorded here.

Originally commissioned to maximise the opportunities for the building, through creation of new units and a restoration and refurbishment programme (an ongoing project managed via Harvey-Design, a division of 113 Creative), 113 Creative has also assisted in preserving historic photographic assets - in the form of a digital book - and created a new brand identity that draws on the rich engineering heritage while retaining a contemporary feel.

Colour photography: Mark Mitchell

Date: Jan 2015 - ongoing Client: Walters Workshops Ltd Role: Creative Direction URL: Tags: Book, Commercial Interior Design, Identity, Signage, Space Planning, Stationery