Land Securities

At the end of a successful year, Land Securities' MD Mike Hussey (currently Chief Executive of Almacantar) wished to announce their achievements in a fun, light entertaining way to all staff at corporate HQ on The Strand. 

They already had some raw film from a Superhero's and heroines corporate team-building away day event. So, using this as our source, we developed the concept of 'LSD' - a public service announcement from Land Securities Digital - an analogue/digital broadcasting presentation where each of the channels featured superheroic actions, both of comic book and corporate nature. 

Without any prior announcement, each member of staff arrived to work to find one of these surprise hand-size TV package on their desk. Inside a branded USB stick with a message to insert and view. This launched the TV 'analogue' experience full-screen. Complete with vintage TV effects, it went down pretty well. 

'You've never seen anything like it...'

Client: Land Securities PLC Role: Digital agency Tags: Brand experience, Corporate communication, Interactive presentation